This is the projects page. This one is going to take a while to complete. I have lots of things to upload, images to take, and files to find, but keep checking back. It'll get done.

Hardware/Embedded System Projects

These are some projects I made or am making in electrical engineering classes at Caltech.

Active Development

I'm still working on these!


These are done!

General Coding

I like to make my own programs for things. Sometimes I just do it because I want to learn a new language and sometimes it's just because I have nothing better to do with my time (and sometimes I do some programming at work, but those things are all proprietary). The links all go to Bitbucket repositories for now, so if you know how to use git, you're all set. If not, hold up a bit, I'll upload things to this site soon. These are the more interesting things I've made:

Active Development

These projects are still under development. I'm still working on them and they're usually the things I'm most proud of and are the most polished: *: Under extensive refactoring. Will link later.
**: No release version yet. Will link later.


These are projects that are either done or abandoned for some reason. There are many of those, but I included the most interesting ones below:

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